Intuitive Business Coaching: Insights and Explanations from a Coach

Intuitive Business Coaching: Insights and Explanations from a Coach

Hulan Hagen Hulan Hagen
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In the dynamic world of business, intuitive business coaching has emerged as a transformative force for entrepreneurs and executives. As an intuitive business coach, I blend traditional and intuitive coaching techniques to guide clients towards success. This article explores what intuitive business coaching is, its benefits, and how it compares to other coaching styles.

What Is Intuitive Business Coaching?

Intuitive business coaching is a personalized approach that combines classical coaching with intuitive tools like visualization. The goal is to help entrepreneurs and CEOs tap into their inner genius to develop a business strategy that is aligned with their inner vision and values. With the help of an experienced intuitive business coach, clients can gain crystal-clear clarity, overcome limiting beliefs, develop a unique strategy, and adapt to change. 

Intuitive business coaching goes beyond the surface, addressing not just the practical aspects of business but also the emotional and spiritual factors that influence decision-making.

What Does an Intuitive Business Coach Do?

An intuitive business coach helps you to tap into your subconscious mind, which yields insight about your aims, positioning, strategy, and business development needs. Your subconscious is a reservoir of wisdom, and an intuitive coach assists you in harnessing it. 

With respect to product development or choosing the right marketing channel, an intuitive business coach employs techniques like visualization to unveil innovative ideas and solutions that align with your business objectives. By incorporating intuitive insights into rational analysis, you can improve idea generation and creative problem solving. 

An intuitive business coach helps with deciphering and optimizing your business's market positioning. By helping your deep dive into your subconscious, a coach can uncover hidden facets of your brand identity and market positioning that may have remained undiscovered through standard analysis. This intuitive process refines your brand strategy, ensures that it resonates with your target audience, and distinguishes you from competitors. For instance, you might discover a latent passion for sustainability that can be integrated into your brand's messaging, attracting eco-conscious consumers.

Additionally, an intuitive business coach excels in guiding you through periods of uncertainty and change. When you are confronted with critical decisions, such as expanding into new markets or redefining your business model, an intuitive business coach can help you navigate complexity. When contemplating a significant strategic shift, an intuitive coach can facilitate access to your subconscious insights, providing clarity and guidance for the optimal course of action. This process will save time and resources.

Benefits of Intuitive Business Coaching

Intuitive business coaching offers transformative benefits that go beyond MBA-style problem-solving approaches. The intuitive approach not only guides but also profoundly changes the way entrepreneurs engage with business and personal development. 

Let’s explore the top-five benefits that make intuitive business coaching a valuable asset.

1. Gain Clarity 

By using their intuition, entrepreneurs can uncover their deepest desires and core values. They can craft strategies that are aligned with their vision and purpose, leading to enhanced focus, increased productivity, improved decision-making, and a heightened sense of fulfillment and purpose.

2. Unlock Creativity and Innovation

Intuitive business coaching unlocks the doors of perception. It empowers entrepreneurs to tap into their intuition, accessing a wellspring of fresh, innovative ideas and perspectives that might have been previously overlooked. This creative process is important in developing new products, services, and strategies, propelling businesses to groundbreaking achievements and new levels of success.

3. Overcome Limiting Beliefs 

Every entrepreneur faces internal obstacles and limiting beliefs that can hinder their potential. Intuitive business coaching specializes in identifying these barriers and equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to overcome them. This process fosters a mindset of boldness and impactful action, enabling entrepreneurs to move forward with confidence and clarity, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

4. Develop Stronger Relationships 

Beyond individual growth, intuitive business coaching significantly enhances an executive’s ability to forge stronger and more meaningful relationships with their team, customers, and stakeholders. By attuning to the emotional needs and desires of others, entrepreneurs can develop solutions that resonate on a deeper level. This emotional intelligence is crucial in building trust and loyalty, which are foundational to achieving long-term success in business.

5. Adapt to Change More Effectively

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to adapt swiftly and effectively is crucial. Intuitive business coaching arms entrepreneurs with the agility to navigate this ever-changing terrain. By being finely tuned to the signals and trends in their environment, entrepreneurs can swiftly identify potential opportunities or challenges and adjust their strategies accordingly. This agility ensures that they stay ahead of the competition and continue to innovate and grow in an ever-changing market.

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Comparing Traditional and Intuitive Business Coaches

Clients often ask me about the key differences between traditional and intuitive business coaches. Traditional coaches focus primarily on metrics and structured strategies while intuitive coaches combine these aspects with personal development and spiritual insights. This is a brief overview of how they differ from each other:

Traditional Business Coach

Emphasis on Quantitative Metrics: A traditional business coach focuses on quantifiable aspects of business success and rational problem solving. They steer clients towards achieving specific business goals using data and performance metrics as primary guides. Their approach is structured, offering clear, measurable objectives.

Structured, Goal-Oriented Strategy: Traditional coaches typically employ systematic methods such as structured matrixes and typologies. They provide a disciplined, organized pathway to achieve set business targets, making this approach suitable for those who prefer a direct, no-nonsense route to business development.

Intuitive Business Coach

Combining Traditional and Intuitive Strategies: An intuitive business coach blends traditional coaching with business intuition. Decision-making becomes more nuanced and holistic. Business intuition doesn't replace logical problem-solving but enhances it, elevating it to a higher level. Think of problem-solving as a two-step process: the first step involves rational analysis while the second step involves intuitive analysis. Intuition acts as the overseer, determining when to apply each of these approaches.

Integrating Business and Spirituality: Unlike traditional coaches, intuitive coaches often integrate spiritual elements into their guidance. This approach not only focuses on business performance but also on personal growth, using techniques like mindfulness and visualization to foster a deeper connection between the clients’ personal values and their business goals.

Focus on Personal and Business Growth: Intuitive coaches emphasize the interconnectedness of personal development with business success. They work on enhancing both the business acumen and personal growth of entrepreneurs, recognizing that a harmonious balance between the two leads to more sustainable success.

While traditional business coaches offer a more metrics-driven, structured approach, intuitive business coaches provide a holistic path that combines practical business strategies with spiritual and intuitive insights. The choice between the two depends on an entrepreneur's personal preferences, their approach to decision-making, and the overall goals they wish to achieve in their business journey.

Is an Intuitive Business Coach Right for You?

Booking of an intuitive business coach is ideal for those valuing personal growth alongside business success. Here are a few examples of professionals who can benefit from intuitive business coaching:

Startup Founders: Entrepreneurs launching new ventures often face uncertainty and complex decisions. Intuitive business coaching can help them tap into their inner wisdom to make critical choices about product development, market entry, and growth strategies.

CEOs and Business Leaders: Top-level executives frequently grapple with high-stakes decisions that impact their organizations. Intuitive coaching can assist them in accessing deeper insights when setting corporate strategies, managing teams, or navigating industry disruptions.

Marketing Professionals: Marketing executives and professionals can leverage intuitive coaching to gain a better understanding of consumer behavior, identify effective marketing channels, and develop compelling campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Sales Directors: Sales leaders can benefit from intuitive coaching to enhance their ability to connect with clients, negotiate effectively, and close deals. Intuition can play a crucial role in reading and understanding the needs and motivations of potential customers.

Business Owners in Transition: Entrepreneurs considering business expansion, diversification, or succession planning can use intuitive coaching to gain clarity on their long-term goals and the best path forward.

Creatives and Innovators: Professionals in creative industries, such as design, fashion, and entertainment, can harness intuition to generate innovative ideas, artistic expressions, and unique concepts that set them apart in their respective fields.

Leaders in Crisis Management: Executives facing crises within their organizations, such as public relations issues or financial challenges, can rely on intuitive insights to make swift and effective crisis management decisions.

Intuitive Business Coaching by Hulan Hagen

As CEO of the Business Intuition Institute, I offer private intuitive business coaching sessions to unlock your intuition and guide you to success. 

One-on-one intuitive coaching starts with a life-changing, two-day strategy workshop in New York, Hamburg or virtually. There are some agenda points of the 12-month coaching program:

- Unlock your inner genius and learn how to tap into your intuition for out-of-the-box business solutions.

- Redefine yourself in the new economy, discovering your spiritual purpose, values, and mission.

- Create a bold vision for your business, exploring relevant megatrends, and adapting your positioning to new technologies.

- Design a profitable and future-proof business model, building solid strategic and financial foundations.

- Manifest your new reality, implementing the new strategy with ease and elegance.

The mastermind “Intuitive Business Design” is a group coaching program with a maximum of 12 participants who share an agenda or a community.

You can book a brainstorming session at

Intuitive Business Coach Hulan Hagen

Intuitive Business Coaching Testimonials

“I found Hulan Hagen to be an excellent mentor. She combines a high level of business competence with empathy and intuition, a successful mixture.”

Uta N., owner 

“Hulan is incredibly perceptive and is able to focus in quickly on the major impediments that are hindering a person’s or company’s future success.  She is then able to formulate an action plan that moves people and companies out of the rut they are in and on the path to new opportunities.” 

Richard S., owner and CEO

“With her calm and concentrated personality, Ms. Hagen accompanied us very professionally through our change process. Through her excellent intuition and mediation skills and confident leadership, she successfully mediated our conversations between the various personalities and points of view and contributed to sustainable commitments of those involved."

Daniela S., Managing Director

“After just two days of coaching with Ms. Hulan Hagen, our team gained more clarity about the future of our company. With the guidance of Ms. Hagen, we easily, almost playfully, brought a clear structure to our ideas and projects and defined the strategy for the next few months. We can recommend Ms. Hagen to every entrepreneur; you are in good hands with her.”

Rolf A., Managing Director

“I worked with Hulan Hagen to get new ideas for our corporate strategy and to incorporate my personal goals more effectively. The entrepreneur coaching also included coaching for the entire owner family so that we could compare personal goals. Ms. Hagen's inspiring questions and intuitive approach opened up new perspectives for me in my work and I will approach significant changes with a well-thought-out concept.”

Niels D., Managing Partner

“In times of change and restructuring, Ms. Hulan Hagen's expertise and personality have far exceeded our expectations. It is impressive how quickly she got to the core of our current challenges. With her intuition, she set priorities at the right time and, by acting quickly, took the necessary steps in time. Under heavy time pressure we were able to make important decisions and implement them rapidly on a strategic and financial level, which were in retrospect a great milestone for the successful future of our engineering office.”

Jens C., CEO

Intuitive Business Coaching Is Your Path to Greater Success

In summary, intuitive business coaching, with its unique blend of traditional coaching techniques and the power of intuition, offers a dynamic and holistic approach to personal and business growth. By tapping into the depths of the subconscious, it empowers entrepreneurs and executives to make smarter decisions, unlock their creativity, and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape effortlessly. Intuitive business coaching can serve as a valuable compass on your entrepreneurial journey, guiding you towards greater clarity, success, and fulfillment.

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